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Image by Emilio Garcia


Applicants can simply apply online for FREE by filling in an application form tailored to the chosen playing position and uploading a video to best showcase their ability along with any suitable references.

Our experienced team of ex-professionals, pro-licensed coaches, premier league scouts and data analysts will assess your application and then provide you with feedback on whether you have been selected to be sponsored to trial at a professional football club throughout the UK and Europe to best match your ability.

If selected you will be provided with an all expenses round trip to the chosen professional football club trial destination in return for signing an agency agreement with Fast Track Soccer Corporation to handle and advise you on future contract terms, endorsements and sponsorship opportunities.

If not selected to attend a trial your profile playing video and references will still be available to be searched on our Fast Track Soccer media platform by worldwide scouts, clubs and football agents and you will also be able to use our platform to update your records and promote yourself accordingly.

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