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how to apply

Each applicant must complete an online application form tailored for each playing position plus submit a 2–5-minute video clip to best represent their ability across the criteria set out for that specific position.

You must identify yourself within the first 10 seconds of the video following which the remainder of the video must be raw video material made up of as many individual clips as you may wish to include but with no other visualisations to ensure our assessors can properly assess the video material and then provide constructive feedback.

Each applicant will be provided with a FEEDBACK REPORT whereby they are scored on the criteria for the playing position selected and given advice on any areas to be worked on to improve their game.

You will subsequently be notified if you are SHORTLISTED: following which you will be invited to attend a trial event within your country or region of residence.

Trial days to be held (Dates TBC)

PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 in 10 applicants are likely to result in being shortlisted and therefore invited to attend a trial in your country or region of residence. In the event that there are insufficient applications in your country or region of residence to put on a trial in that location, you will be invited to the nearest trial location to your country or region of residence, or directly to the Marbella Soccer Camp.

However, if ultimately selected all costs of attending the Marbella soccer camp and the UK Premiership academy tour itself will be paid for by the Fast-Track Soccer Corporation.

The cost of application is only £100 plus VAT

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